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New Brunswick Businesses Are Going Global - Are You Ready?

Welcome to ExportNB! ExportNB is a web portal that provides NB businesses with tools and information they need to reach new markets LearnSphere is pleased to present this service to the business community and to provide a single window through which all the essential exporting elements can be found.

New Brunswick has been a trading region since before Canada was a country. So why ExportNB, and why now? Because never before have export markets been so accessible to so many businesses. Global markets are within reach and technology knows no borders. Exporting is no longer just for resource producers and large manufacturers. In fact, one of the fastest growing export sectors is made up of small producers of ‘niche’ products and services, just like the ones found in New Brunswick. Even tech startups are thinking global.

The opportunities are exciting and could be rewarding, but the journey can be daunting, especially if your business isn’t ready for the challenges of expansion or working in new markets. According to Greg Fash, Executive Director of the Atlantic Food and Beverage Processors Association, the opportunities for NB food processors are boundless, but companies must have a serious plan that includes research, preparation and follow-up in order to succeed in new markets.

‘’This region has many world-class products to offer’ says Fash, ‘but companies going into new markets must be familiar with local market conditions and know the value of their product before attempting to make a sale. Success comes to those who are prepared, have figured out the in-market cost of their product and who follow up on their contacts.’’

This is where ExportNB can help. By registering on the site, you can:

  • learn about target markets
  • identify a suitable market-entry strategy
  • find financial assistance
  • complete a diagnostic to show how prepared your company is to expand your market
  • find and register for nearby upcoming trade-related events.

Take a few minutes to explore the site. Whether you’re a seasoned exporter, a local producer of a unique product or a tech startup, ExportNB will help you identify opportunities that are right for you. Sign up now to improve your chances of exporting success!


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